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In this winter, the sun has come today to warm my heart and at the approach of Valentine's Day, what better than to talk about love, union, marriage? Indeed, for couples who will say "yes" this summer, the countdown has already begun, preparations are going well but have you thought about the car that will take you to the town hall? If you have not chosen the option coach with horses and check, this article is for you!

Type of car: old or modern?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself because it must be in harmony with your style. Vintage cars have been on the coast for a few years with the return of vintage. It can be a nice wink if you have chosen a theme travel, cinema, crazy years ... Personally, I find the old cars very romantic but if you want to impress your guests, why not choose a limousine? Some may find it a little cliché but it still has its effect and then after all, we do not get married every day.

With or without driver?

Second important question, unless you have a friend who stays sober in all circumstances, finding a "Sam" for transport is not always easy. But all depends of course on the place of reception, if you have the possibility of sleeping on the spot, the question of the return does not arise. Nevertheless, if you rent the car only a few hours you will have to find a person who agrees to be your driver, to pick up and bring back the car ... It can sometimes be financially more interesting to take a car with driver (it 's most often acts of his car and thus has his personal insurance).

Cost and insurance?

The cost varies depending on the type of car, the rental period and the renter (company or individual) on the "good corner", you will find many individuals who offer their cars for events but compare prices well because this can go from single to double! Even if everything will go well on your wedding day, find out what is the best solution for a problem with the car and / or the driver.

4 doors of course!

Have you ever tried to get in the back of a 3-door car with a long evening dress? Yes ? So imagine with a very loose wedding dress and a long train? As you can see, the 5-door version is indispensable!

Do not forget: the decoration!

An undecorated car is not a married car you will agree?;) You can decorate the hood, mirrors, handles, antenna, and trunk. If you do some shots next, you can add a wreath of flowers on the hood.
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