Compare the largest P2P car rental websites

Whether you are in Paris, London or Brussels, you can rent an affordable car thanks to thecar-sharing service that is the peer to peer one. Available all over Europe, owners wanting their vehicle to pay their bills can leave you with their beloved car for one hour or even for several days. Even better, some websites specialized in private car rental, being one of the best among them, offer car rental between individuals for very accessible prices, which is an ecological and practical concept for both users and renters.

P2P car rental

Many websites offer thousands of cars for rent in all regions of France and the UK. These cars are just rented by individuals or professionals who obviously benefit from solid insurances in case of theft, breakdown or accident. Registering one’s car and posting a related advertisement are completely free. As soon as the private rental contract is signed, it is the website’s responsibility torecover the payment. 30% of the hire price goes to the rental website and isused to cover the insurance costs as well as those of the website servicing. The remaining 70% of the price goes to the owner who can earn up to 150 Euros per week just by renting his own car.

Private car hire: participative network

Some websites out there are based on a participative network of car rentals. They operate by affinity and allow their members to rent cars from each other on the basis of a trust relationship. Cars submitted and picked are usually close to the renters’ homes. Such websites are accessible to any owner whose vehicle is in good shape and has all the necessary documents to drive around the city or even travel in. Registration and publication of the car details are often easy to do and to no one’s surprise, the website retains a commission on the cost of every private rental.

All kind of property can be put for rent

You can take a look at some well-known websites that help you earn money by submitting anything for rental: parking spaces, motorhomes, cars, various objects (tools, home appliance, cameras, etc...). You can register and place a usually free ad on these websites; however they understandably earn a commission themselves on the rental price (approximately 30% for cars and motorhomes, and 20% for other goods). You will have the opportunity to put all kinds of property for rent and turn them into valuable assets.

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