Decoration ideas for your bridal car

A wedding car must also adorn itself with its finery to transport the queen of the day and her groom during the wedding day! Quickly discover our decorative ideas to embellish the car of the newlyweds!

Flowers, pompons and ribbons for a colorful car deco

What's better than flowers to give a romantic look to the bride and groom's car? The ones you choose should match the D-Day thread and highlight your vehicle. For example, a large crown of white heart-shaped roses will bring a very chic touch to your D-Day vehicle. While the sparkling flowers will give a lot of energy to a classic car! You can also bet on an elongated shape that fits the front and rear bumpers of a retro car. Or, give the composition the form of the first letter of your last name, or that of the famous "yes". Colorful pompons are also trendy and can very well replace flowers! Transparent and multicolored balloons (100% biodegradable) will bring a touch of originality to your decor. Simply inflate them with helium and hang them on the roof or on the handles using colored crepe paper garlands.

Stickers, placards and pennant banners to sublimate the car of the newlyweds

To adorn the rear windshield of your D-Day car, you'll find a variety of customizable stickers on the canvas. Ready-made kits of stickers are also available, with cartoons or in a wiser version, it's up to you! Some stickers are customizable with your first names, your last name and the date of your wedding day, for example. How about a quote or a poem that you like? They will also be perfect for embellishing the body of your car. Another trendy idea, the flag garlands tied like a clothesline at the back of the car. The advantage is that you can use them to display the message of your choice: "Long live the married," "inseparable" or "just married" ... You organize a retro wedding and rent an old car? Give a little nod to your theme by hanging a vintage suitcase on the back of the vehicle. A rectangular sign is also a great way to tell the world that you are married and happy! In short, you will understand, everything is possible with a little imagination and fantasy!
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