Luxury car rental market almost never encounters crises!

Published on : 12 December 20182 min reading time

Many people would like to drive a luxury car like a Ferrari or Bentley for a weekend or a week. Business trip, family event, and sightseeing: all opportunities are good to rent a prestige vehicle. The luxury car rental market is not experiencing a slump and is doing well.

Driving a prestige car: a way to stand out

Almost the majority of French opts for luxury car rental online. Moreover, many sites now offer this type of service, which contributes significantly to the rise in rentals. Driving a Ferrari, a Jaguar or a Porsche is part of the collective unconscious as an emblem of luxury. From there, there are three types of potential customers:

  • Affluent people passing through a city who do not want to engage in the act of buying because of the fear of a haircut;
  • Companies that want high-end models to convey a good image of executives at a business meeting, contract negotiation or corporate event;
  • People who simply want to have fun or stand out at a wedding, a party, a birthday.


The luxury car rental rate remains reasonable, regardless of the car brand chosen. Speaking of brands, Ferrari is the most popular because of its reputation. Those who want to do a bit of roading are turning to Porsche models. Sports car reservation professionals say that even in the midst of an economic crisis, the luxury world keeps its share of the pie.

Luxury car rental: why such a craze?

A luxury rental vehicle not only allows you to enjoy the excellent technical side, but also a higher level of safety and comfort. In addition, the reservation can be made at any time. You can choose to rent the car with or without a driver depending on the needs of each. Sports car enthusiasts can enjoy the pleasure of driving a Ferrari by driving it themselves. Those who simply want to travel in a luxury car opt for short-term rental with private driver. Luxury car rental is today a service accessible to all. Specialists in the field also offer a wide choice of models to suit all desires.

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