Vehicles’ organization in a wedding

Do you want to meet each other at the church or the town? You must travel separately, but how to proceed? The groom's car is usually at the head of the procession and guides the rest of the vehicles. The reason is quite simple: Tradition has it that the groom welcomes the guests. He must be the first on the spot! The other members of the family follow the groom's car and thus compose the body of the procession towards the commune or the church. It is the vehicle of the bride who is placed at the end of procession. This allows firstly to avoid a visual contact between the future spouses and thus to keep the surprise intact but also to arrive when all the guests are settled and ready to admire its entrance!

When leaving

At the end of the celebration, after greeting the guests, the newlyweds leave together for the next destination. They then go to the reception room or to the place chosen for the photo shoot. You and your spouse will therefore borrow the same car and be the first to leave. This will allow you to enjoy a one-on-one moment and make a remarkable outing. Your guests will head to the reception room guided by your vehicle or that of the person of your choice. Do not forget to indicate the route to follow to your guests in case they should go alone to their destination.

Beware of fines!

Your wedding is a festive day for you and your guests. It is a moment out of time that releases a considerable euphoria. It often happens that we forget the world around. Only here, on the road, it is essential to keep certain rules in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises. It would be a shame to cause an accident or to stop you on the best day of your life! So drag these tips to your guests to avoid PV.

Stay inside the vehicle while driving.

It is useless to put one's life in danger by passing one's body through the window in order to shout his joy to the world. An accident is so quickly arrived! Many opportunities will come during the evening to share this happiness!

Try not to abuse horns in the city

Remember, the Highway Code states that horns are intended to give a warning necessary to avoid an accident and that they are in principle prohibited in built-up areas. It would be a shame to have you arrested for noise ...

Ride at a reasonable speed

Respect the speed limits. There is no point in risking your life to get to your destination faster.

Do not exceed the number of people allowed per vehicle

Grandma needs to be driven to the reception room but all the places of the vehicle are already taken? In this case, try to organize yourself at best. It is important that everyone has their place in order to avoid dramatic consequences in case of shock.
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