Rent your own car and enjoy additional income

With the fact that more and more car owners are now putting their private vehicles for rent, car sharing services around the UK have become the best and most accessible way to rent a car whether it’s for one hour or several days…


If you have a car that spends never-ending weeks in your garage or on your parking space, it is probably best to turn it into a financial asset by taking it out and renting it (you can also rent your parking spot). The procedure is very straightforward. All you have to do is look for specialized websites to rent your car, being one of the best around, and register your car (Some are free and some aren’t). Write a detailed piece about your car characteristics, in which you will specify, among other things, the state of your vehicle, its brand and especially its rental price. Those interested in your offer will contact you: they may be tourists, travelling executives, families on vacation, etc. Once the deal is completed and the payment is received, a fee will be transmitted to the rental website/agency if it so requires. Otherwise, you will probably have to pay for the use of the platform as a monthly or annual subscription.


P2P car hire websites have a mission of bringing a breath of fresh air mostly to city-dwellers by offering the easiest access to shared cars. They allow you to book a car nearby in a matter of minutes and make it yours for a few hours or even days while being fully insured. A growing community of private and professional car owners is there to ensure you always find a car which is ready to go, all in the most secure way possible.


  • Register your vehicle (usually for free)
  • Fill your schedule
  • Rent your car: This could be achieved either by following the website’s suggested steps online or by meeting with the tenant.


  • Become member
  • Book the car of your choice
  • Rent your chosen vehicle: This could be achieved either by following the website’s suggested steps online or by meeting with the car owner.
Once the rental period is over, the vehicle is usually returned to its starting point and an automatic payment transaction takes place where the tenant is charged with the rental cost. Most of the time, the owner receives 70% of the money, the remaining 30% represents the depreciation of the p2p rental agency and operating and insurance costs.
Why going through an agency for any car rental is important?
What are the main steps of renting a car in the UK?

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