9 things not to forget when renting a wedding car

- Call on professionals, you will have peace of mind and avoid many mishaps (breakdown, delay, error of route ...). - Paste your theme: you can choose the model that will best fit your wedding you have dreamed of: old car, sport model, convertible, mini bus, bus, horse-drawn carriage, bike-tandem, motorcycle, rickshaw ... all means of transport can be considered for you to see the one that you like the most. - Think about your guests, you can provide shuttles (bus, mini-bus, taxi ...) between the ceremony and the reception, otherwise remember to reserve a car park able to accommodate the cars of all your guests and especially of provide them with accurate plans so that they can travel from one place to another without getting lost. - Sign a rental contract with your provider that will protect you in case of accident, late presentation, damage to the vehicle ... It must contain the following information: date, times, places of departure and arrival, name of the couple and the driver, car model, colour, cancellation and refund policies... - Evaluate well the time of transport between the different places, take into account that you will circulate in procession, the cars of your guests will follow you, and that you are not the only ones on the road especially Saturdays! Calculate travel times and plan routes in advance, add 20 to 30 minutes of beating to avoid stress in case of heavy traffic or potential delays taken during the day. - Provide parking spaces and possibly a person in charge to guide your guests to park properly. Some castles require that you take valet parking to avoid finding parked cars anywhere. Also think of places for people with reduced mobility, the elderly can hardly walk miles to reach your reception. - Plan a small paper kit to distribute to your guests with directions, addresses and a map to show them where to park. You will also be able to add the cell numbers of your witnesses so that in case of trouble your guests can warn them. - If you want photos of you in your nice vehicle, consider reserving a seat for your photographer in your car so that he can immortalize your first moments as a married couple. It will be an opportunity to have beautiful portraits and take a few minutes to stop in nature to make some shots of you with your horse. - Last but not least, consider your splendid wedding dress before choosing your vehicle. Horses, horse-drawn carriages, old cars, sports cars, motorcycles, bicycles, all can be envisaged but think about your exit in your beautiful dress. Moving on a two-wheeler or leaving a 2 CV gracefully requires some skill especially in a voluminous dress and with heels. In short, if possible train and test because some dresses with bulky petticoat will not necessarily agree with the vehicle of your dreams...
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