All about the procession of wedding cars

Published on : 12 December 20182 min reading time

Entering the church or town hall is not the first time you need to heal your presentation. Indeed, the first impression your guests will take away from your wedding is the arrival of the procession of cars.

Cars distribution

The bride and groom travel separately to the town hall or the church. The bride’s car is run by her father, brother or any other man of her choice. The groom can arrive with his parents. The closest, parents and siblings, travel with their children or separately. The rest of the family and friends come on their own.

The order of arrival

The wedding procession is traditionally led by the car of the groom, that of the bride closing the march. It is customary for the groom to arrive first to welcome the guests. The bride arrives on her last so that all guests are gathered at the time of entry.

The order of departure

Once the ceremony is over, it is the newlyweds who leave first, this time in the same car. After talking with their guests, they will embark in their vehicle in the direction of the reception room. The guests will set off afterwards. So that no one gets lost on the way, plan a person who will gather the guests and lead them to the place of reception.

The choice of vehicles

Married people often tend to want to ride in an original car. They will then choose together the vehicle they will take after the ceremony to go to the cocktail party. Sometimes the parents and relatives of the couple also rent a nice car for the occasion or use an old model in their possession.

The route

Remember to find the best route between your home and your town hall / church, and between the latter and your reception area, to avoid unpleasant surprises (traffic, dead ends, deviations, etc.). If you can, print this itinerary and entrust it to all members of your procession. Calculate the travel time between the different places of celebration of your wedding taking into account possible traffic jams. To be perfectly on time, leave at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

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