Each wedding theme deserves its vehicle…

First thing to consider, the tone you want to give to your wedding. If you opted for a "country" or "bohemian" wedding, a Maserati or a red Ferrari would be a bit of a challenge in the decor? In this case you will most probably opt for a tandem, a 2 CV or a VW bus. If your wedding is "romantic" dare the carriage pulled by beautiful horses or a nice old car type Traction, old Jaguar, and Bentley...

For a glamorous wedding, what could be more appropriate than a limo or a sports car!

As you will have understood, the chosen vehicle will reflect the atmosphere of the day and complement wonderfully the decorative elements you have chosen, so be careful not to miss it.

What colour?

Remember to coordinate your mode of transport with the colours of your wedding, you can coordinate it with the hues of your bouquet or with the attire of the groom. Often the bride and groom request a white or cream car that remains a safe and tasteful base. But do not hesitate to dare a few colours!

What service providers?

Once you have some idea about the desired vehicle style, surf the net a bit to find the providers that are available in your area. We advise you to use professionals, it will remove a weight, you avoid having to drive the grandpa's car or to undergo the remarks of your parents or in-laws, in short you will travel light! Secondly, professionals are used to handling wedding dresses, so they will help you get on and off the vehicle properly so you can stay stylish throughout the day.

Some pictures?

Take advantage of renting such a vehicle to make some shots with your photographer, nothing more romantic than a photo of a kiss stolen from the back of an old car! It will be an opportunity to have a little fun and get artistic and original photos.

Your entry

Try to stage your entry with the vehicle you have chosen. Given the budget that you will allocate to this post, it would be a pity that your guests do not see you off your mount and can enjoy to take some pictures of you. The bride can arrive at the church with the pretty car and at the end of the ceremony you can both ride in the back seat or behind the wheel (depending on the model chosen). You will thus open the procession and your guests will only have to follow you!

Wedding car decoration

Before placing an order with your florist, remember to ask the person in charge of renting the vehicle to find out where you can hang flowers, ribbons, because depending on the model, the fixing systems will differ. Then study your course, if you have to get on the highway avoid making flowers on your hood because they might fly away from the first minutes. Once these two points studied, ask your florist to prepare some decorations for your car, it can be ribbons, flowers, a small banner or many other things.

Booking a wedding car

As for all other providers if you have special needs better book early. Depending on the chosen models you will have the choice between different providers however if you opt for a very specific vehicle inquire to see if in your area such a provider exists. Otherwise you can call a foreign service provider or the other end of France, in this case plan an additional budget because they may charge you for travel expenses.
Themed car rentals: each occasion deserves the right car!
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