For your wedding, did you think about renting a carriage?

Published on : 12 December 20182 min reading time

Are you lost to choosing the vehicle of your wedding? Are you still hesitating between renting a vintage car, a retro car or a luxury car? To get out of the ordinary, for a country wedding or a princess wedding, the carriage is the solution for you. Original, ecological and full of charm, the carriage has the wind in progress in recent years.

Country and green wedding

You will choose rather a traditional carriage like campaign. Drawn by two fine drawing horses, your old-time peasant carriage will carry you and the children of honor, for example, to the church and, after the ceremony, to the reception room. You will see, everyone will greet you with a nice look. And in addition you will not clear CO2!

Princely wedding

You can play the game thoroughly by asking the coachman and footman to be costumed. Guaranteed effect! You are rather princess and fairy tale? Choose a coach-style carriage, why not cinderella? There are indeed exact replicas of the carriage appearing in the cartoon Walt Disney! Do you prefer the 19th century? A Victoria carriage with a tail hook and top tail will transport you to the streets of Paris or London at the end of the 19th century. Are you rather Stéphane Berne, Monaco and Prince William? So opt for a horse-drawn carriage pulled by beautiful fine horses.

Winter wedding

It would be a shame not to take a sled sled! You can be transported into the world of Russian tales and the magic of winter on your white sled pulled by horses.

Final words

Do you dream of Cinderella with her beautiful horse-drawn carriage or your heart leaning more towards a convertible sports car? Anyway, it’s time to ask the right questions to choose the vehicle that will transport you the day of your wedding. Consider  the tone you want to give to your wedding. If you opted for a “country” or “bohemian” wedding, a Maserati or a red Ferrari would be a bit of a challenge in the decor? In this case you will most probably opt for a tandem, a 2 CV or a VW bus. If your wedding is “romantic” dare the carriage pulled by beautiful horses or a nice old car type Traction, old Jaguar, Bentley…

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