The tradition of cans for the car of the newlyweds

Some traditions are older than others. That of cans pulled by the car of the bridegroom where is written "Just Married" is relatively modern. We tell you everything about this custom.

Wedding traditions

The wedding traditions are always in motion: they evolve, renovate while novelties appear, borrowed from another country or simply invented by the bridal innovators. In this article, we talk about the tradition of hanging tin cans at the married car that comes straight from the United States. Implanted also in France and in many other countries, she seems well left to stay!

Cans and wedding carsr

So we tell you everything you need to know about this recent tradition so that you can integrate it into your wedding, if you so wish:

Previously, cans were clinging to the bride and groom's vehicle because of the belief that the noise was driving away evil spirits that could bring bad luck to the bride and groom. In clashing loudly, they also marked the passage of lovebirds.

Today, this tradition has evolved and is mostly retained as a fun element that appears very often in weddings: the cans, like the use of the horn, announce the arrival or departure of the couple in the broom car, in a way that definitely does not go unnoticed!

They are also a way of decorating the bride and groom's car: you can choose the type of cans or cans of your choice according to your theme or your wedding colors (eg soda cans for an American wedding) .

You can of course customize them as you please: paint them in different colors, cover them with fabric or other, fill them with the elements of your choice (plastic balls, sand ...) before closing them with the help of a plastic cover for example or write messages, depending on the style of your wedding. Then you only have to suspend them with ropes or fabric ribbons to the bumper.

You will surprise your guests, unless it is the opposite, if they are the ones who are responsible for decorating your means of transport when you do not expect absolutely! Are you tempted to follow this tradition, and if so, rather literally with traditional cans or in a personalized and original way?

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