What type of ceremony are you planning to have?

The vehicle that will take the bride to the church and to the town hall, which will bring the newly married lovebirds to the reception area and eventually will lead them to their accommodation for the wedding night, must not only be perfect, but also, and especially to be connected with your theme.

Retro wedding

Renting a retro car will certainly give a special touch to your wedding. An old Citroen pull, a Buick Torpedo or even a Rolls Royce, with their old charm, will bring elegance to your wedding. If in addition to the reception room of your wedding is in a castle or a beautiful country house, this choice is almost inevitable for a princely wedding!  

USA Rock atmosphere wedding

For fans of vintage look, rock'n roll and fans of the USA, it will have to choose an old American. A Cadillac, pink if possible, an old Mustang or a Torrino or a red Chevrolet will take you straight to the States in the sixties. Here we go for Route 66!  

VIP Wedding

Watch out for the eyes, bling bling and great means. Fans of Gangsta rap and VIP parties will choose a limousine, more or less long, a 4x4 armored, even a Hummer limousine. Guaranteed effect: you will not go unnoticed!  

Big cube wedding

Fans of speed and big engine will be able rather to choose the hiring of a sports car. Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus even Ferrari or Maserati. Have fun!  

Country wedding

A 2CV, a ladybug or even a carriage will be ideal for a country wedding, simple and full of charm. Bouquets of wildflowers, silk ribbons and ears of wheat will beautifully decorate these rustic vehicles.
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