Why is the car choice so important for your wedding photos?

It's not every day that you wear an outfit as elegant as your wedding dress! It's also been a while since you've seen your classy companion in this sublime wedding suit chosen for the event. And your loved ones, do you often have the opportunity to meet them in their most beautiful costumes and evening dresses? It is important that you immortalize these exceptional looks!

Why a special wedding car?

Your outfits will be of course the main protagonists of your photo shoot but you should also know that the environment is important. The decor of your D-day will indeed give a particular style to your shots. Do not neglect the choice of your car of the day because it could be part of the staging of many of your shots.

The first look

The so-called First Look session is a particularly moving moment for the couple who discover themselves for the first time in their wedding outfits. It may be interesting to use his vehicle for staging. The groom can, for example, be driving and discover the beautiful lace wedding dress of his future wife through the glass on the passenger side. So we understand the importance of choosing an aesthetic car model that corresponds to that of your union, whether classic, glamorous, country or vintage.

The arrival of the newlyweds

To highlight your couple and offer you original wedding photos, lively and entertaining do not hesitate to stage your arrival in the reception area that will host your celebration. Your vehicle will once again be in the limelight and this is how you should choose a model that matches your personality. A convertible is here ideal to showcase your wedding dress and your spouse's costume.

Group photos

Want an original and entertaining group photo shoot in an out of the ordinary setting? All by car! As long as you've chosen a model that's large enough, get all your friends on the road for some fun snapshots inside your big day car. Your professional photographer will take care of finding the right angle to immortalize your tape.

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