How to decorate cars during a wedding?

Published on : 12 December 20182 min reading time

A successful marriage depends on many parameters. And decoration is an essential element. You have finished that of the church and that of the reception room, but you still hesitate on the decoration of your car and those which will form the procession. Here are some ways to highlight them.

Wedding car decoration

For the decoration of your car, think that you will probably not arrive at the same time as your partner on the place of the ceremony of your marriage. You must therefore provide two decorations: one for the car with which you will leave together, one for the car of your future. You have the choice: either you grant them, or you consider the second as part of the procession.


Classic decoration

Tulle, ribbon, knots … A classic decoration of the car is always very successful. There is a large selection of materials. And the tutorials on the net are not lacking. You can also buy them ready made. Another very common decoration today: the bouquet of flowers, which adorns the hood of the car of the newlyweds.


Original wedding car decoration

To decorate the car in an original way, there are many supports and accessories. Think of a sign to hang on the back of the car, or decorations made with white marker erasable. An original choice is to “disguise” the vehicles so that each one corresponds to your personalities. Are you a geek attitude, a racing fan? Accessorize your cars. You can also use customizable stickers, easy to install and remove. Let your imagination be free!


Procession cars decoration

You want the cars of the procession to be decorated. For a uniform and harmonious procession, plan the decorations yourself. For a classic decoration, it takes between 3 and 5 knots per vehicle. If you make them yourself, consider getting there far enough in advance. On the day of your wedding, entrust the distribution to your witnesses. The ideal moment is at the exit of the town hall. You will ensure no one has been forgotten.

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