Managing travel and parking during your wedding

Published on : 12 December 20182 min reading time

It is advisable to book your vehicle at least 4 months in advance. However, be aware that the more the vehicle you are looking for is rare, the more it will be stormed by other brides, especially if you are getting married in the period from June to August.

Check the details!

Check the information on your quote. It must mention the fees of the driver, the rental period, mileage and insurance. Before you start renting a prestigious vehicle, consider the amount of the deductible to pay in case of a problem. Finally, be aware that for some prestige models, you may be asked to provide two bank cards as a method of payment.

Procession itinerary

Regarding the route taken, consider establishing a plan in advance with an emergency route in case of work. The best is to check a few days before the date of your wedding if the road is still passable. To make sure everyone arrives on time, do not hesitate to attach a map to your announcements or even better, to make it appear in your wedding blog.

Parking and car service

Finally, if you have not managed to negotiate parking near the venue of your ceremony or reception, consider the service of a valet. It will ensure the reception of your guests, will take care of the parking of their vehicle and give a certain status to your event. If you can not afford a valet, two or three loyal friends with a good presentation will do just fine.

Practical advice

In order to lead your procession safely, plan ahead at the beginning and at the end of the line for cars that are perfectly familiar with the route. Drive carefully and at a reasonable speed. Although it’s a holiday and you’re all in a hurry to get to your destination, respect the speed limits and the safety distances between vehicles. If you want to sound your horns, wait until you’re out of the city center. Indeed, their use is prohibited (except in case of immediate danger). Also avoid use near hospitals and retirement homes. Recommend each car to activate its low beam, an extra security for your procession. Do not hesitate to ask a police officer to accompany you to facilitate the circulation and to supervise your parade.

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